CVB Community Programs: Women’s Weaving Collective


Weaving 2

A weaver begins a scarf at one of the association’s three stores in Ranomafana.Veronica Tuazon/CVB Rainforest News

Famiova Weaving Collective is an association of 15 women from Ranomafana who are experts in creating high-quality woven goods. The collective has three stores in Ranomafana, and two stores double as  weaving studios with several looms.

Claire Odette, president of the collective, has been with Famiova since the beginning. In 2004, Centre ValBio sent Odette and 14 other women to the city of Ambalavao for training with weaving experts. Odette had some weaving experience from her youth, but the training gave her the skills to create a successful cooperative.

Although 15 women attended the original training, ten of them left the cooperative because it took too long to make a profit. Today, only four of the women are part of the original 15, and they have trained 11 new hires.

Famiova Weaving Collective’s specialty is cotton and silk scarves, and some of the women do embroidery as well. Odette says that the collective is improving the women’s lives in general, and each member of the collective weaves about two or three scarves a week.


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